Studio Visconte

"Play the music, not the instrument." -anon.

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Welcome to Studio Visconte! I have been teaching music for twenty years now, and my teaching style is distinct in that I adjust my approach to the unique needs of each student.  I believe that learning music can be more than just reading notes on a page and taking exams; I believe in nurturing each student's innate musical ability and helping them to express it in their own way.  I hope to instill in them a life long appreciation for music. 

I also strongly believe in music as a tool for enhancing cognitive skills.  Studies have shown that students who study music perform markedly better in other academic fields than those who do not. I find this a very exciting notion - that a brain on music is a smarter brain!

If you are considering courses for yourself or your children, please check out the rest of the site to see pictures of my studio, and also to hear the work of other students of mine.  And feel free to go to the Contact section to contact me directly.  I look forward to hearing from you!